Monday, June 12, 2017

And so, our hero's journey begins again....

Me watching You, Read Me...

   It's been quite some time since I've worked on my Blogspot.  And I'm truly sorry for that. BUT. Since I've been off of here, I made good on my Kickstarter for the first issue of Doktor X, (actually I have four more issues out), I've bought a house, and I'm working on another book called THEE ASTRONAUT.  

Issues 1-5

 All of these issues of DOKTOR X will be available in my ETSY Store. So please be patient while I work the bugs out of that. 

There are a lot more surprises coming in the near future.
I am working on a new book called THEE ASTRONAUT.  It's a mix of Cronenberg and Scientology. I am very proud of the artwerk in the book and I've got some great reviews from some very talented friends. This is the cover for the first issue.

 Plus, I am starting a Patreon and I will be working on a live video series about comics in my collection and how I conceive, write, and draw my stuff. Prolly a few art tutorials just for good measure.

So. Let's go make some art!