Tuesday, March 24, 2015

South Carolina ComicCon 2015

Whew! Just got back on my feet after a great weekend at the SC Comic Con, (sponsored by Borderlands Comics And Games) in Greenville, SC.  Katt and I had a BLAST!  Met a lot of great people, made a couple of connections, and just marveled at what this SECOND time convention had turned into.  
  Doktor X did very well and has some fans!
Unpaid workers...
  We sold sets of the first four books...
This is an awesome fan (don't mind the other guy...)

  And boy, did we do some ZOMBIFY U's...


And here's some more!!

Sorry, don't have the "Before" pic on my phone...

  All in all, a great weekend and a great show.  Got to see Bud Root again (I'm a HUGE fan), and picked up the first issue of Tiki Zombie that I was missing. Also met Randyl Bishop, writer and artist on "The Hawk Of New York".

  Okay, so now the plug for The Mad Monster Party in CHARLOTTE!!! March 27-29 at the OLD Blake Hotel (now Sheraton).  I'll be there doing more Zombify U's and I'll have some original prints I'm drawing up this week.  Be there or be square!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thee Doktor Is In #2

  Okay, the last time we talked, I was mentioning some of the influences of Doktor X.  Now lets talk about how he started.
This is one of the first drawings of Doktor X

  Like I said, the idea started out a little different then it is now.  Doktor X had some "questionable" attributes.  He was more like an evil scientist and Ann was a nympho robot gal...

  I've been working on the characterization of Doktor X for a few years.  One of the later incarnations, Doktor X got mixed up with a mix of Eastern philosophies and Zoroastrianism.  I played around with this concept for a while.  I started reading about certain chakras and how they affect things around us.  I've still kept the third-eye. That shit's just cool.  Okay I scrapped the Eastern meditation stuff, but what about the Zoroastrianism?  Originally, Order Lord was to be a priest from the EARLY B.C.'s.  The O'm still found him but changed his personality.  Doktor X and Ann do a lot of time traveling in the original ideas, but I scrapped that just because getting into period pieces sounded really crazy to write and draw.  BUT. I did keep some of the ideals from those first drafts, (no spoilers).  
  Okay, got that stuff out of the way.  Now to the three most important people to the Doktor X mythos;  Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and Alejandro Jodorowsky. These three have been my deities of writing. Mr. Moore for the MiracleMan series I read when i was in my teens, (and the subsequent stories since...), Morrison for the cool stuff he did with Doom Patrol, (of course Flex Mentallo, WE3, and his Batman stuff since then...) OH By The Way!!! Please read NAMELESS . Mr. Jodorowsky is responsible for some of the most messed-up films and comics I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. The Incal, The Holy Mountain, El Topo, the influence of these movies and comic turned my brain around to face the right way.  They gave me something to think about.  And I did.

  I don't know exactly when it happened, I really don't have a reason why, but I became a card carrying Atheist.  This has been another huge influence on Doktor X.  I'm planning on doing some religious tropes later on down the line, but all will not be what they seem.  I've been a "christian" for most of my life.  Most characters in the book probably have been too.  I'm going to shake them up a bit.  

  So there's some of the thinking behind the germ of Doktor X. Next time I'll show you some old pics of the Dok and some early sketches of characters that may or may not be in the book.
Early sketches done at an old job...

  Okay...March 21 & 22 I will be appearing at the South Carolina ComicCon in beautiful Greenville S.C., swing by the table and say "hi". Or buy something. That would be great too. I'll be doing commissions and Zombify You.  This year I've added color to my list of options! Come by and see me! Oh, by the way, this is presented by Borderlands Comics

Okay Part 2 March 27, 28, & 29 I will be at the Mad Monster Party Charlotte N.C.! My wonderful wife Katt will be there promoting her book Vetus Draco (which by the way, I wrote a short story for...). Come look for us, I'll be doing Zombify You's all weekend long.  Hope to see all the X-philes out there!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thee Doktor Is In #1

  Image result for danger diabolik

  Welcome X-Philes!  This is the FIRST installment of "Thee Doktor Is In...".  Since I have started self-publishing Doktor X, I've had some time to think about sharing how I DID it, and how I DO it.  Of course, I am not an authority, but I'll share whats worked for me.  So I hope I don't get long-winded, and I hope this is informing.
  Back before I started writing and drawing the original Doktor X mini, I was a HUGE fan of horror movies.  I still am.  I love the movies of Jess Franco and Mario Bava.  I am totally influenced by the late sixties and seventies exploitation flicks.  Alejandro Jodorowsky is a GOD!  So, watching tons of VHS tapes in the 80's and with the advent of DVD's in the 90's, a lot of stuff got pumped into America.  One of these films was Danger! Diabolik.

  It starred John Phillip Law, and it was about a criminal mastermind who drove a Jaguar E-type.  It was technicolor awesomeness.  The look, the camera angles, the crazy colors, all put together by master story-teller, Mario Bava, blew my mind.  Diabolik wore a skin-tight black suit and a mask that just showed his eyes and brow.  Mr. Law could emote such power with his piercing blue eyes.  This movie stuck with me.

  Flash forward a few years.  I started drawing on 6x9 note pads the first story of Doktor X, The Origin.
  The story of the origin stayed the same from 1997 to when I re-drew the first issue in 2012.  A scientist is working on a project and an evil "?" wants it.  The theft goes wrong and the entire lab goes up in an explosion.  The scientist wakes up somewhere else and is greeted by a stranger.  The stranger gives our scientist some powers, and he becomes a force of good on Earth.  Pretty normal, right?  Let's look at some things.

  Originally, I was going to call the book, The Diabolikal Doktor X.  Actually, the first issue has that title...
  I was at the SC Comic Con last year, promoting my book, and having a great weekend.  On the last day, a young man came up to my table and looked through some of my drawings and portfolio work.  He picked up the first issue, flipped through it, and told me, "It looks like you're heavily influenced by the occult.".  Then he walked away.  I flipped.  Was he some self-righteous asshole?  Was he an ill-informed bible thumper?  No. He was just making a comment on what he saw on my table.  By the way, occult stuff is a WHOLE lot better to draw than kittens and puppies.  I laugh now, but my wife had to hold me back then.  So....

  When you are thinking of what to write, what your subject matter is, think on it HARD.  I know my stuff is a certain niche.  I draw and write MATURE stuff.  I guess it comes from my years as a subversive teen.  I joke with a few of my friends that you can find penis' and vagina's in most of my work.  It's just there.  I don't know why.  It just is.

  Back to the original story.  I wanted to make something that I would read.  Of course I was influenced by Marvel and DC, but in my EARLY teens I read my first Heavy Metal magazine.  It blew me away.
      I was pulled in with the H.R. Giger cover.  I was a metal head and the baphomet cover just drew my eyes to it.  Of course when I got out of the store and read it, my mind was blown.  Nudity.  Bewbs.  I had never seen a comic like this in my life.  I wanted to be an artist for Heavy Metal.

  So, Doktor X was to be MY foray into adult comics.  Here's a early character sheet for Ann.
  She was going to be a lesbian cyborg.  I have since changed her out-look but not so much on her actual look.  Truth be told, Ann is really the hero of my book.  Future issues will deal with her, getting used to being a cyborg and her relationship with someone who isn't really what she thought they were.

  Back to the beginning.  I read a lot of Heavy Metal, I watched TONS of horror movies, and I was a teenage metal head.  So that brings us to the "internal" soundtrack to Doktor X.

  Growing up, I had a brother that was sixteen years older than me from my mom's first marriage.  My brother was a huge influence on me as a kid.  He listened to cool music and let me watch HBO at his house.  For Christmas one year I received stereo/turn table/8-track player.  My then sister-in-law gave me a Jefferson Airplane album, "Red Octopus"
 Image result for jefferson airplane red octopus
  My brother gave me "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath" on 8-track. It. Was. AWESOME!
Image result for sabbath bloody sabbath
  I don't exactly know who the cover artist was, but the songs on that album blew me away.  It was the best present I ever got.  But back to the Doktor X soundtrack...

  I listen to all kinds of music during the creative process.  One of the biggest influences on my story telling is Monster Magnet.  Even though I listen to a lot of "stoner rock" bands, Monster Magnet has songs about other dimensions and crazy subject matter.  I also listen to a lot of Iron Maiden and Slayer when I'm drawing.  The speed and energy the songs have really get my juices flowing.  Plus the lyrics shoot little hooks into my brain and I tend to throw some of that back into the art.

  So, this was the first little glimpse of what goes on in the mind of Eyeb@ll.  Next time I'll talk about character development, and how these characters changed from soul-less creations to more human-like.

See ya next time! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guess Who's Back?

  Ok ok... It's been a loooooong time since I updated my Blogspot. I realize that it's been a little less than a year. I've been so focused on getting my single issues out that I've neglected my online footprint. So, what the hell has been going on?

  Let me tell you.

  Firstly, I can say that issue #4 will be available after February 22nd. Like I said, I've been working my patootie off getting these things drawn and published. Weirdly enough, locally when I tell people that, they are surprised.

  And I get it. So many people want to be comic book artists, or writers, and they have super big ideas about what they want to do. Then they try. And try again. And then they bury it way back in the yard, and it never sees the light of day.

  I am not going to be one of those people.

  I think the story of Doktor X is cool story. Period. It's got a super scientist, a sexy and dangerous android bodyguard, a Mexican wrestler, Aztec gods, corrupt government officials, and aliens. And that's just the first four issues. The last issue of the story-arc is gonna have some BIG surprises!

  Secondly, an apology. Where in December I would have been working on the fifth issue, my mother-in-law got REALLY sick. My wife and I were pretty sure she wasn't going to make it. Luckily, she has bounced back and things are looking KINDA up. Plus, MY Mom was having some health issues and that and Christmas took up the whole month. So my apology is, I'm sorry that I didn't keep you up to date on the book, but things come up.

  Lastly, I am currently drawing issue 5. I'm only in about 5 pages but I'm taking a little time off to catch you up. It's a humdinger.

  So. What can I tell you about 2015?

 Wellllll....I will be appearing at The South Carolina ComicCon, in Greenville, SC in March. Then it's a hop, skip, and a jump to The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC at the end of March. I'm gonna try and talk a HUGE influence on me into sharing some table-space for a few Con's that are coming up. And (whew!) hopefully I will be able to appear at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte premiering the fifth issue and last book in the story-arc for Doktor X.
  Oh yeah...I have a scene in issue 5 that I hope I will be able to pull off. This past year, I met some talented folks and I hope to help them on their way to stardom by putting them in my book. Granted, I'M not huge, but I think I'm handling it right and I'll let you know later down the line if they let me use them.

  So what have I been doing to keep practice? Howabout some stuff...
The Ice King and friends

Vader Vs. Bat-Man

Issue #2
Issue #3

Issue #4

Amphetamine Time

  So there's a snippet of what I'm accomplishing these last few months. My next deal is to get something up to sell stuff online.  I promise, I will keep updating once a week and giving you, the fans of Doktor X, something to talk about.