Sunday, May 25, 2014


 Well, summer is almost here, that means it's CONVENTION TIME!!! I am proud to say I now have TWO books to promote this summer; The Diabolikal Doktor X: The Origin Of Doktor X and The Oath Of Mann. We premiered Doktor X on Free Comic Book Day at Comic Envy (thanks to Darrin, the owner, for the support!) and I think it was a pretty big hit.
  Shortly afterwards, Eric Mayfield contacted me to do an eight-page stint on his comic, The Oath Of Mann. As things go, we lost an artist, so I was put in charge of cleaning up the other artist work and doing some re-draws. So that was around 16 pages I worked on. Then, the third artist, the most excellent Mr. Karuso, decided he wanted to work on more lay-out and lettering. So, I illustrated his eight pages. All in all, The Oath of Mann was the craziest, most fun, hair pulling out project I've done to date. I also got to draw the cover.

So now, I'm an artist/part of LUCID INK! We put The Oath Of Mann together in a matter of weeks. There was a lot of love involved with this project. 

  Nextly (?) the OFFICIAL schedule for Eyeball Productions!

June 7-8 Asheville GeekOut , Asheville, NC
July 18-20 MonsterCon Greenville, SC @ Furman University
Sept. 20 Asheville Comic Expo, Asheville, NC

Plus, I will making some appearances at Comic Book shops around the south-east. Looking to get some time in Atlanta, Charleston, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte. I'll post those dates as they come in.
OK. Here's some stuff I've been working on...
Amphetamine Time
Vader Vs. Batman
  I'll have some more prints available for the Con's so keep checking for updates.

See you all this summer! And remember, KEEP CREATING!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Action Figure...Or INaction Figure?

Photo: ACTION FIGURE!!! Would this be something people would be interested in? Let me know! I've got tons of ideas.
The first of hopefully many Doktor X figures hand-painted by moi. What do ya think? I have some pretty crazy ideas for future figures.
 By the way, the Doktor X story is scanned in and I cleaned up the pages. This week I'll be working on lettering. By the end of the week, I want to send these babies to the printer. The Diabolikal Doktor X: Origin Of Doktor X will be hitting the streets in February!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kickstarter Part 2

  Anyone who swings by this site to read the comic should know by now...I want this to be an epic story. I'm starting my second attempt at a Kickstarter project today, right now ( )
 Please feel free to check it out. Please help, either by donation or getting the word out to your friends.

Chris "Eyeball"

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cover Of Doktor X #1

Okay. So Photoshop is not my forte, but after messing around with it this weekend, I have the cover for Doktor X #1. Please let me know what you think.
  I think this should jump off the shelves...